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The overall aim of the UN4DRR project is to modernize the courses related to Disaster Risk Reduction and Management integrating GIS/RS applications as the significant part of the course content. The long-term effect will be to educate future experts for prevention and management of natural and human-induced disasters (e.g. fires) in the Indian Ocean Rim supporting national and EU policies. The project encourages the cooperation with national authorities, public and private sector offering joint DRRM initiatives and access to short courses for use of GIS/RS via online/offline mode. The project also motivates a more proactive cross-region dialogue in DRRM related educational program in the realization of capacity building and internationalization.



The broad goal of UN4DRR is strengthening functional capacity of universities in the provision of Disaster Risk Reduction and Management in ID, LK and MV with special focus to

  • Modernisation of curricula with innovative teaching/learning methodologies in DRRM and GIS/Remote sensing techniques.

  • Outreach to public/private groups through joint DRR initiatives and access to distance courses (online/offline).

  • Establishment of formal links between national authorities responsible for DRRM and academic institutions




In order to achieve the broad objective, the specific objectives of UN4DRR will be:

  1. Establish appropriate train-the-trainer program for curriculum development following Bologna standards and ECTS comparability in DRRM.

  2. Purchase and installation of GIS/RS equipment at each IOR (Indian Ocean Rim) partner HEI.

  3. Improve the research and practical skills of graduate/postgraduate students making use of state-of-the-art GIS/RS methods for DRRM.

  4. Deliver short modules online/offline on GIS/RS for DRRM for public and private sector.

  5. Embed a culture of quality to the project, its outputs and outcomes.

  6. Facilitate adequate management tools for the correct implementation of the project.

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