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The final technical training and monitoring sessions completed in Brussels.

The final technical training and monitoring sessions of the UN4DRR project was held in Brussels from the 2nd of May to the 7th of May 2023. The main focus of the session was to assess the programs and courses developed under the project and to get feedback from the European partners and external evaluators.

In the first three days, IOR partners presented an overview of their respective academic programs and courses developed under the U4DRR project. The programs are currently ongoing at all partner universities at different stages. These include short [professional development programs and post graduate programs developed under the projects. Each partner presented 4 to 5 courses from each of their programs followed by questions and answers and from partner members and received feedback from the evaluation panel representing EU professors, IOR partner institutes and external evaluator.

The first day of the evaluation consisted of sessions from IPB University of Indonesia and University of Colombo from Sri Lanka. Both universities presented the programs developed under the project as and presented course content from selected courses for feedback. The second day was dedicated to cover the programs and courses from Universitas Syiah Kuala from Indonesia and University of Peradeniya from Sri Lanka. The Maldives National University presented their programs and courses on the third day of the training followed by comments and feedback from the evaluators.



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