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Dissemination session held by MNU in Male'

A dissemination session was held by project partner university, Maldives National University in Male' on the 10th of February 2022. The session was attended by stakeholders from several government institutions and NGOs, and public companies. Key stakeholders in attendance included National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), Maldives National Defense Force, Maldives Police Service, Ministry of Planning, Housing and Infrastructure.

Information on the projects goals, objectives and current status were shared with the participants as well as the plans for implementing the curriculum within this year. The session included discussions with the stakeholders where they shared their feedback on possible actions for improvement and areas of collaborations. The stakeholders presented a positive feedback on the project and were keen to assist in creating awareness on the program as well as contribute to fill in any gaps in the curriculum delveloped in the project.

The session was followed by a meeting with UN4DRR team members from MNU and the senior management of NDMA at their premises to further discuss on improvement of the curriculum.



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