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Gala dinner hosted by Mayor for UN4DRR project participants.

Mayor of Banda Aceh hosted a gala dinner for the participants of UN4DRR project technical training. The dinner was held at the city council hall on the 28th of July 2022. The event was graced by representatives from the city council, Syiah Kuala University and nine partner universities of the UN4DRR project.

The mayor conveyed his appreciation of the project and Syiah Kuala University for its efforts, through his first assistant. He highlighted the importance of the project and its contribution to disaster risk management in Aceh. He hoped that the cooperation among the countries will continue into the future and will be beneficial to the city.

The Vice Rector of USK also addressed the attendees and conveyed his appreciation to the Mayor's office for welcoming USK's and the UN4DRR projects efforts.

On behalf of the UN4DRR project coordinator, professor Zeljko Bacic stated that they were very satisfied with the trip to Indonesia, as they want to introduce new and modern technologies in to disaster risk management and academic curriculum related to it. He appreciated the opportunity to visit Bogor, Banda Aceh and different villages, to explore vulnerable areas and communities. He stated that after witnessing the devastating effects of disasters on the local community and seeing the damage first hand, the project has become personal.

He highlighted the importance of such experiences for the projects participants as it will help in better understanding of the impacts of disaters and to develop and strengthen disaster risk management strategies.

The project team was happy to witness the corporation between academia, the city and the private sector in efforts related to disaster risk management. And hoped that this trip and this project will not be the end of such endeavors and to continue the collaboration in the future.



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