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Second virtual training workshop

The second training workshop was conducted virtually by University of Nicosia from 29th June to 02nd July 2020.

This week long virtual workshop organized by University of Nicosia was on Disaster Risk Reduction and Management with focus on Cyprus. The agenda included presentations from all the governmental departments involved in the management of crisis and disasters. Also the colleagues from the University of Nicosia gave a lectures on the “Re-Engineering Academic Programs using ECTS and Learning Outcomes” outlining how academic programs are build and reengineered to fit the needs of the academic field and the market, on developing learning outcomes and on the Dublin Descriptors and the European National Qualification Framework. Local researchers from two European research on Remote Sensing and GIS projects presented their projects and their findings.

In the last day of the workshop the partners talked about the way forth taking into consideration the needs analysis and the views of all the partners. The overall view is that the IOR partners should take the opportunity to think carefully about their needs and their programs and take advantage of this project to upgrade their offering.

It was proposed that IOR colleagues should start thinking in terms of the ECTS system and adopt the Bologna process framework within their existing programs as a parallel system. This will enable the transfer of students to IOR Universities from Europe and vice-a-versa within the context of the Erasmus program.

It was also suggested mentioned that revision on few existing courses might not be enough. New courses might need to be developed. Short professional courses/Certificate/ Diploma could also be included. In this context, the following modules and courses maybe considered. It is important for each IOR participating University to provide a table proposing modules or courses to be modernized or new modules or courses.



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