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Stakeholder meeting at Banda Aceh with UN4DRR team.

Syiah Kuala University conducted a dissemination session with stakeholders from Banda Aceh. The meeting was held at the university campus on 29th July.

Delegates from various stakeholders involved in disaster risk management fields attended the session. Key participants included Banda Aceh Disaster Management Agency, Tsunami Disaster Mitigation Research Center, Banda Aceh City Development Board, Search and rescue Unit in Aceh, Researchers in disasters, NGOS, Academics and participants from the UN4DRR project partner countries.

The main purpose of the session was to convey the details of the UN4DRR project and its objectives to the stakeholders and to get their feedback on the progress and the undertakings of the work related to disaster risk mitigation and management in Aceh. The session concluded with very informative and fruitful discussions with the various stakeholder representatives and the project team.

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