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Technical Training on Fundamentals, Platforms and Sensors in Remote Sensing

The first technical training under the UN4DRR projectwas conducted between May 3rd and May 11th 2021. The training on remote sensing fundamentals was organized by University of Valencia (UPV Spain). The first session of the training focused on “Physical fundamentals of remote sensing” delivered by Prof. Luis A. Ruiz from UPV. The next session by Prof. Andrija Krtalić from University of Zagreb will be on “Platforms & sensors: Optical sensors”. The agenda included a session on by Prof. Jonathan Chan on “Hyperspectral sensors” and Prof. Luis A. Ruiz on “Active sensors: RADAR and LiDAR”. Total of 94 participants from IOR institutions participated in the technical training. The training will contribute to capacity building for delivering modernized courses related to Disaster Risk Reduction and Management integrating GIS/RS applications in the IOR institutions under the project.

Technical Training Agenda
Download PDF • 234KB



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