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UN4DRR Monitoring Visit and Technical Training at the Maldives National University

The final technical training and monitoring visit of UN4DRR project is ongoing in the Maldives from 29th January to 02nd February 2023. The sessions commenced on Day 1 with inauguration of the new Geospatial Lab at MNU established with the support from EU under the project. This was followed by sessions on “Disasters in Maldives” facilitated by Officials from National Disaster Authority (NDMA), Maldives and “Coastline Monitoring using Google Earth Engine” by Mr. Shuaib Rasheed. The final session of the day on “Mapping the flood risk exposure” was conducted by Dr. SIS. Subasinghe from University of Peradeniya. All session continued in the newly developed Geospatial lab at MNU. The sessions were attended by delegates from European and Asian partners.

The technical training sessions focusing on various topics and hands on exercises relating to geospatial technologies for disaster risk reduction and management will continue in the next two days. The fourth day of the training is dedicated to the new e-learning curriculum and partners presentation and feedback of the courses developed. The session will be facilitated by Kyriakos Georgiou from University of Nicosia and held at Alif Alif Dhigurah. The sessions will conclude with the UN4DRR Management meeting on Day 5.


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Magister Ilmu Kebencanaan
Magister Ilmu Kebencanaan
Apr 13, 2023


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